ZENITCO AK105 Upgrade



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  • Get Ready for Unleashed Fun with the ZENITCO AK105 Rifle Gel Blaster!

    Prepare for epic battles and thrilling outdoor escapades with the ZENITCO AK105 Rifle Gel Blaster. This toy gun is your ticket to non-stop action, perfect for gamers of all ages who want to experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of gel ball blasters.

    Product Highlights:

    • Authentic AK105 Design: The ZENITCO AK105 Rifle Gel Blaster captures the essence of the iconic AK105 rifle, providing an authentic look and feel for your adventures.

    • Burst Ammo Mode: Fire off rounds in burst mode for intense and fast-paced action during battles.

    • Splatter Launcher: Witness gel ammo splatter on impact, adding a layer of realism to your shooting games.

    • Fully Automatic: Easily switch to automatic mode and dominate the battlefield with rapid-fire action.


    • Model: ZENITCO AK105 Rifle

    • Ammo Type: 7mm Gel Balls/can upgrade it to about 300 FPS,  normal one about 240 to 260 

    • Game Mode: Perfect for fighting, shooting games, and outdoor adventures.

    • Recommended Age: Suitable for gamers of all ages who crave excitement and action.

    Embrace the thrill of outdoor gaming with the ZENITCO AK105 Rifle Gel Blaster. Whether you're battling with friends or participating in organized games, this toy gun guarantees endless fun and excitement. It's your ultimate tool for adventure and a fantastic addition to your outdoor gaming arsenal.

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