Land And Air Raptor H650



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Introducing the Raptor H650 Water Land Air Remote Control Aircraft: Your Ultimate Adventure Companion!

Product Name: Raptor H650 Water Land Air Remote Control Aircraft (Brushless Motor)

Product Specifications:

  • Aircraft Size: 25.6 x 19.3 x 5.9 inches (65 x 49 x 15cm)
  • Color Box Size: 22.7 x 8.9 x 6.3 inches (57.6 x 22.6 x 16.1cm)
  • Single Box Weight: 31.8 ounces (903 grams)
  • Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh Lithium Battery (35C)
  • Material: EPP Foam
  • Remote Control Distance: approximately 1000 meters
  • Flight Altitude: around 500 meters
  • Endurance: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Charging Time: About 70 minutes

Product Features:

  • Powerful 2450 Brushless Motor
  • 40A Electric Regulator
  • 6040 Propeller
  • Intelligent Balanced Flight Control for Easier Operation
  • Complete Waterproof Equipment for Versatility and Water Entertainment
  • Super Flexible and Durable EPP Foam Construction

Unleash the Power of Adventure: The Raptor H650 is your all-in-one adventure companion, ready to conquer the land, water, and air with ease. Its high-power brushless motor ensures outstanding wind resistance performance, allowing you to soar to new heights!

EPP Foam Construction for Durability: Crafted from EPP foam, this aircraft is super flexible and highly resistant to impacts, making it perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Experience the thrill of flying without worrying about minor falls.

Intelligent Balanced Flight Control: Our aircraft comes equipped with intelligent balanced flight control, making it easier for beginners to control the left and right balance during flight. Take to the skies with confidence and enjoy the excitement of piloting your own aircraft.

Waterproof Design for Expanded Fun: With a complete set of waterproof equipment, the Raptor H650 offers more usage areas and stronger water entertainment capabilities. Experience the freedom of flying over water and explore new horizons.

Easy Setup and Complete Accessories: Setting up the Raptor H650 is a breeze! Inside the package, you'll find everything you need, including the aircraft, remote control, instruction manual, USB charging cable, propeller, fixed stickers, lithium battery, glue, machine head, and small tools.

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Raptor H650 Water Land Air Remote Control Aircraft. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, this aircraft will bring joy and excitement to your flying experiences. Don't miss out on the fun - Get yours today!


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