USP Shell Throwing Soft Bullet Airsoft Pistol

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Type: Toys & Games

1. Feel free to shoot, experience the manual trigger, press and hold the button to pull the trigger to shoot.

2. EVA is safe and flexible, has good resilience, and can be used repeatedly without deformation.

Material: plastic
Color: pink, dark blue, black silver, gold, transparent, red, fluorescent
Size with silencer: 35cm in length
Without silencer size: 22cm in length
List: soft bullet gun*1, soft bullet*10, silencer*1, magazine*1, bullet case*8
Shooting distance:
Straight line: about 10m
The parabola: about 15m
Loading method: pull back
Feeding method: lower feeder
Soft bullet type: EVA soft bullet
Fluorescent type: This product has a luminous function. The luminous effect only needs to be irradiated in the sun or light, and fully absorb the light source, so that it can shine in the dark place. (it is recommended to irradiate for more than 2 minutes)

Packing list

1*Children's shell throwing soft bullet pistol toy