Universal 9 Inch Car Radio Multimedia Video Player



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Product Features:


  1. Plug and Play Installation:

    • Simple installation method, no need to change or disassemble the original car equipment.
  2. Universal Compatibility:

    • 9-inch universal display suitable for all models: VW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, SEAT, KIA, HYUNDAI, FORD, MAZDA, and more.
  3. Versatile Audio Source Output:

    • Audio output via FM transmitter and AUX, offering two ways to transfer audio from the original car speaker.
  4. Wireless Carplay & Android Auto:

    • Compatible with Apple and Android mobile phones, enabling synchronization of mobile phone pages upon entering the car.
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity:

    • Supports Bluetooth for hands-free calls and Bluetooth music streaming.
  6. Multi-Device Support:

    • Connect up to 2 devices simultaneously.
  7. SD Card/U Disk Compatibility:

    • Play music and video directly from an SD card or U disk.
  8. Universal Installation:

    • Suitable for 12V-24V vehicles, making it compatible with a wide range of car models.
  9. Easy Installation and Mounting:

    • No tedious wiring installation; starts easily and can be installed in just 5 minutes.
  10. 360° View Angle Adjustable:

    • Screen angle can be adjusted to ensure accessibility without blocking the driver's view.
  11. Wireless Mirror Link Support:

    • Seamlessly mirror your phone's screen without any cables.
  12. Voice Assistant Control:

    • Supports Siri and Google voice assistants in Carplay/Android Auto mode for a hands-free driving experience.
  13. Automotive Specification Chip:

    • Fast booting and low power consumption for efficient performance.
  14. Rearview Camera Compatibility:

    • Supports connection to rearview cameras (CVBS480P and AHD720P), though not compatible with the original car camera.


Function Introduction:


  • Wireless Carplay & Android Auto
  • Navigation Apps:
    • Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps in Carplay & Android Auto.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mirror Link
  • 2.5D Touch Screen
  • Day & Night Mode
  • IPS Display
  • Backup Camera Support
  • FM Transmitting
  • Time Memory Feature
  • SD Card/U Disk Compatibility for Music and Video Playback
  • NOTICE: Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is this device suitable for my car?

      • Yes, this is a 9" universal car radio designed to be easily fixed on the center console or attached to the windshield, making it a perfect car companion.
    2. How to connect wireless CarPlay/Android Auto?

      • Step 1: Open the wifi and Bluetooth buttons.
      • Step 2: Pair your mobile phone with Bluetooth, and it will automatically connect to the WIFI signal. Once both connections are established, CarPlay/Android Auto will jump to the corresponding interface.
      • (Note: Some Android phones may not support wireless Android Auto and require a USB cable for connection, depending on phone compatibility.)
    3. How to connect wired CarPlay/Android Auto?

      • Use the mobile phone data cable, ensuring the use of an original car cable capable of data transmission.
    4. How to connect Airplay?

      • First, complete the setting: Settings - Phone Link - IOS device (iso mirror) / wireless connection (Airplay). After setting, restart the car radio to use the Airplay function normally.
    5. Why is there no sound from the device?

        1. Ensure the AUX cable is inserted, and the FM transmitter switch is turned on.
        1. If the FM transmitter switch is on, check if the car speakers are producing sound.
    6. Is it possible to transmit audio to the car's speakers via Bluetooth?

      • No, audio transmission is only possible via AUX cable or FM channel.
    7. How to sync sound via FM?

      • Turn on the FM TRANSMITTER on the device, click ON, adjust the car radio channel to a blank station, and set the device radio to the same frequency. The synchronization is complete.
    8. How to sync sound via AUX cable?

      • Use the provided AUX cable, connect one end to the device's AUDIO port, and the other end to the car's AUX-IN port. Enter the car radio's AUX playback interface to synchronize the sound.
    9. Why doesn't the screen light up?

        1. Check proper power supply connection.
        1. If power is confirmed, press and hold the reset button on the back for 3 seconds.
        1. For software issues, upgrade by contacting customer service.
    10. What if touch buttons don't work after the upgrade?

      • Follow the upgrade video; two upgrades may be needed. A single upgrade might cause issues with touch buttons. Contact customer service for software and upgrade video.
    11. Can I use the rear camera of the original car/another brand?

      • Only supports CVBS and AHD format reversing cameras. Use the PAD special camera adapter cable; contact customer service for the adapter cable. Note: Some original cameras may not be supported.
    12. How to install the bracket?

        1. Front windshield installation: Attach the bracket to the front windshield with the adhesive suction cup.
        1. Center console installation: Use the adhesive suction cup to attach the bracket to the center console. For surfaces not smooth enough, enhance stability by locking the mounting pad with screws.
    13. Does it support the rear camera (only for GRNADnavi, not the original)?

      • Yes, it supports the rear camera, but it's important to note that it's compatible only with GRNADnavi and not the original rear camera.