UFO Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

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Color - Black
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※Please place the product on the water platform and make sure that there is no large metal around (at least 20CM)

※Turn on the power supply and check the indicator light, the light on indicates that the power supply is normal

※Place two fingers on the top of the product to be suspended, and find the balance point at that position according to the suspension height of your customized product. The balance point is generally a point between sucking up and falling. Relatively easy to install

※Successful installation

※If the installation is unsuccessful once, you need to stop for more than 5 seconds before installing. If the system is hot, unplug the power supply for more than 10 minutes before installing

※When it's okay, don't use the display stand as a toy, just keep it up and down, just let it float there quietly. In this way, it will greatly extend the life of the product

※Don't worry about power outage. If there is a power outage, the product will be absorbed on the base and won't fall anywhere. The system will also automatically protect, if you call again, it will not cause any damage to the product, and the circuit system inside will automatically protect