TOM'S GR Supra TT02 58703 4WD RC Crawler



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Unleash Your Inner Hobbyist with the Tamiya TOM'S GR Supra TT02 1/10 RC Car Kit!

Product Overview:

The Tamiya TOM'S GR Supra TT02 RC Car Kit offers you an incredible opportunity to dive into the world of RC car assembly and customization. This 1/10 scale RC car kit provides the joy of creating your own high-performance model while enjoying the thrill of RC car driving.

Product Highlights:

  1. DIY Assembly: This product comes in KIT version, allowing you to build and paint it according to your preferences. Experience the satisfaction of assembling your own RC car.

  2. Realistic Scale: The 1/10 scale design makes it an authentic representation of the TOM'S GR Supra, ensuring a true-to-life experience.

  3. Adjustable Tooth Ratio: The tooth ratio can be modified with additional motor teeth, offering various performance settings for different driving experiences.

  4. Soft Shell: The soft shell body material requires cutting and coloring, giving you creative freedom to design your Supra as you like.

  5. Four-Wheel Drive: The longitudinal motor shaft drive four-wheel drive system provides excellent stability and control for various terrains.

  6. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 540 brush motor, this RC car promises a thrilling and high-speed performance.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: Tamiya TOM'S GR Supra TT02
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Size: 466 x 188 x 125mm
  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Tooth Ratio: 8.27:1 (With additional motor teeth, variable tooth ratio combinations)
  • Shell Material: Soft Shell (Requires cutting and painting)
  • Drive Type: Longitudinal Motor Shaft Drive Four-Wheel Drive
  • Tire Specifications:
    • Front: Width 27mm, Diameter 67mm
    • Rear: Width 27mm, Diameter 67mm
  • Included Equipment: 540 Brush Motor

What's in the Box:

  • Tamiya TOM'S GR Supra TT02 1/10 RC Car Kit

Note: Additional equipment, including steering gear, remote control equipment, battery, and charger, may need to be purchased separately for a complete setup.

The Tamiya TOM'S GR Supra TT02 RC Car Kit is the perfect starting point for anyone who craves the joy of building, customizing, and driving their own RC car. Get ready to embrace the world of RC hobbyists and create your own masterpiece.

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