SPAS-12 Soft Bullet Blaster


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  • SPAS-12 Soft Bullet Toy Gun: Elevate Outdoor Fun and Shooting Play!

    The SPAS-12 Soft Bullet Toy Gun is designed for endless outdoor fun, offering an exhilarating shooting experience for kids. With shell ejecting action and foam bullets, it's the perfect gift for those who love action-packed playtime.

    Key Features:

    • Shell Ejecting Action: Experience realism with shell ejecting feature, adding an exciting element to play.

    • Soft Bullet Toy Gun: Designed with safety in mind, the foam bullets provide a harmless yet thrilling shooting experience.

    • Outdoor Shooting Play: Ideal for outdoor adventures, allowing kids to engage in active and imaginative play.

    • Perfect Gift for Kids: Whether for birthdays or special occasions, this toy gun makes for an exciting and memorable gift.

    Package Includes:

    • SPAS-12 Soft Bullet Toy Gun
    • Foam Bullets


    • Model: SPAS-12
    • Type: Soft Bullet Toy Gun
    • Action: Shell Ejecting
    • Recommended Age: Kids


    • Size (inches): Portable and easy to handle, encouraging dynamic outdoor play.

    Elevate playtime with the SPAS-12 Soft Bullet Toy Gun—where shell ejecting action meets safe and thrilling outdoor shooting fun for kids!

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