AWM , 98K Manual Loading Soft Shell Gun



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1. When pulling the bolt to load, the shell pops out from the ejection window, which is very playable.
2. Double reload mode, no single reloads required.
3. Equipped with a tactical 15x mirror, the knob can adjust the distance and distance to improve the hit rate. (Remove the mirror when the bomb is pressed up)
4. When loading, you need to rotate the bolt 90° and pull it straight back to complete the loading, a more realistic gaming experience.
5. Detachable DIY free assembly, exercise children's hands-on ability.
6. Plenty of power, long range.
7. A variety of styles and colors are available, choose at will.

Material: ABS
Style: 98K Red, 98K Blue, AWM Red, AWM Blue, AWM Ersimov
AWM: total length 106cm
98K: total length 103cm
Soft elastic material: EVA sponge
Shooting distance:
Straight line distance 10M
Parabolic distance 15M
Feeding mode: feed the magazine from the bottom, and load the ammunition from the top
Description of ammo:
Bottom feeding magazine: smooth feeding from bottom to top
Press-up loading: use the loading guide to press the cartridge case into the magazine
List: 15x scope*1, lower magazine*1, triangle bracket*1, silencer*1, barrel*1, golden shell*5, soft bullet*10, loader*1, soft bullet gun *1

Packing list
1*Manual Shell Ejection Sniper Soft Bullet Gun Toy


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