Scorpion EVO: Enhanced Firepower



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    • Introducing the Scorpion VZ.61 EVO Electric Splatter Gel Ball Blaster, the ultimate outdoor activities toy gun designed to provide thrilling entertainment and action-packed adventures. Here's why it's a must-have addition to your gel ball blaster collection:

      Age Range: Suitable for individuals aged 14 years and up, catering to teenagers and adults seeking an exhilarating outdoor shooting experience.

      Style: This electric splatter gel ball blaster boasts a realistic Scorpion VZ.61 EVO design, replicating the look and feel of a powerful firearm for an immersive playtime.

      Fire Control Chip: Equipped with an advanced fire control chip, this gel ball blaster offers enhanced performance, rapid shooting, and precise control over each shot.

      Material: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, allowing you to engage in intense outdoor battles with confidence.

      Type: Classified as an electric splatter gel ball blaster, providing a safe and engaging shooting experience with water beads gel bullets.

      Product Name: Known as the Scorpion VZ.61 EVO Electric Splatter Gel Ball Blaster, a name synonymous with power, excitement, and top-notch performance.

      Key Features and Benefits:

      • Electric Power: Powered by electricity, this gel ball blaster delivers rapid-fire action, allowing you to unleash a barrage of gel bullets on your opponents.
      • Splatter Gel Ball Technology: The water beads gel bullets burst upon impact, leaving satisfying splatter marks and adding a realistic touch to your battles.
      • Outdoor Activities: Perfect for outdoor play and tactical battles, this gel ball blaster lets you engage in thrilling skirmishes, team games, and recreational shooting sessions.
      • High-Capacity Magazine: The blaster features a large-capacity magazine, minimizing the need for frequent reloads and ensuring continuous shooting fun.
      • Easy Operation: With user-friendly controls and a comfortable grip, this gel ball blaster offers easy operation, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.
      • Upgrade Compatibility: The blaster is compatible with a wide range of upgraded parts, allowing you to customize and enhance its performance according to your preferences.
    • Warm Tips for Toy Gun Order:

      • Gel Balls Usage:

        • Soak gel balls in mineral or filtered water for 8-10 hours, ensuring they're fully covered.
        • Drain the water after soaking and store the gel balls in a sealed container to maintain their size and functionality.
        • If the gel balls are too small or too big, they won't fit in the clip pipeline and may not be pushed out when firing. If your gun doesn't fire, consider this before assuming a gun quality issue.
      • Quality Assurance:

        • Before shipping, we thoroughly test each product in your order.
        • We take pictures and videos as proof of their working condition and quality to prevent unwarranted refunds from customers later.
      • Gel Ball Magazine (Clip) Usage:

        • When loading gel balls into the magazine (clip) or drum, ensure they are free from excess water.
        • Overloading with water can damage the magazine's motor.
      • Battery Safety:

        • Never leave your toy gun unattended while charging the battery.
        • Use the specific charger designed for the battery type. Do not use a 7.4v battery charger for an 11.1v battery, as it may pose a fire risk.
        • Remove the battery if you're not using the gun to extend its battery life.

    Experience the excitement of the Scorpion VZ.61 EVO Electric Splatter Gel Ball Blaster. Step into thrilling outdoor battles, unleash gel bullets, and enjoy endless fun and adventure. Order now and take your outdoor activities to the next level!