SCAR AK16 Tactical Rifle


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Introducing the Nylon SCAR AK16 Chip Assault Rifle Gel Ball Blaster: Unleash the Adventure!

Prepare for action-packed adventures with the Nylon SCAR AK16 Chip Assault Rifle Gel Ball Blaster. This impressive toy gun offers an exhilarating gel blasting experience, whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of gel ball blasters.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Build: The SCAR AK16 is constructed with durable nylon material and features metal gears for exceptional performance and longevity. This ensures hours of uninterrupted outdoor fun.

  • Comprehensive Package: This blaster comes with all the essentials. Inside the package, you'll find the gel ball blaster, water beads, and gel bullets, providing you with everything needed for exciting outdoor play.


    • Product Name: Nylon SCAR AK16 Chip Assault Rifle Gel Ball Blaster.
  • Warm Tips for Toy Gun Order:

    • Gel Balls Usage:

      • Soak gel balls in mineral or filtered water for 8-10 hours, ensuring they're fully covered.
      • Drain the water after soaking and store the gel balls in a sealed container to maintain their size and functionality.
      • If the gel balls are too small or too big, they won't fit in the clip pipeline and may not be pushed out when firing. If your gun doesn't fire, consider this before assuming a gun quality issue.
    • Quality Assurance:

      • Before shipping, we thoroughly test each product in your order.
      • We take pictures and videos as proof of their working condition and quality to prevent unwarranted refunds from customers later.
    • Gel Ball Magazine (Clip) Usage:

      • When loading gel balls into the magazine (clip) or drum, ensure they are free from excess water.
      • Overloading with water can damage the magazine's motor.
    • Battery Safety:

      • Never leave your toy gun unattended while charging the battery.
      • Use the specific charger designed for the battery type. Do not use a 7.4v battery charger for an 11.1v battery, as it may pose a fire risk.
      • Remove the battery if you're not using the gun to extend its battery life.

Note: Prioritize safety during play. This gel ball blaster is designed for outdoor use, and protective gear is recommended. Always follow safety guidelines and use the blaster responsibly.

Get ready to embark on thrilling gel blasting adventures with the Nylon SCAR AK16 Chip Assault Rifle Gel Ball Blaster. Its robust build and comprehensive package make it an excellent choice for gel ball enthusiasts of all experience levels. Join the fun and experience the excitement of gel ball blasting today!

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