MINI-D 1/24 RC Drift RWD Mosquito Car: Professional Racing Excellence



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Introducing the Novice Rear-Repellent Car: The Ultimate Choice for Thrilling Drift Experiences!

  • Professional Design: Steering angle and car structure in line with mature brands on the market, providing a 1:10 rear-drive design for optimum drift performance.
  • High-Quality Materials: Chassis made of aluminum alloy, transmission parts and screws crafted from high-precision stainless steel, and specialized nylon fiber and POM materials for durability.
  • Customizable Performance: Adjustable up and down rocker arms, high and low degree balance, and shock absorbers for fine-tuning car performance.
  • Stunning Design: Beautiful lines that perfectly conform to the structure of model cars, delivering an eye-catching appearance.
  • High-Performance Equipment: Equipped with top-notch independent components for exceptional control and a first-class driving experience.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: Meticulous technical support and post-sale assistance to address any queries or concerns.

Upgrade to the Metal Version with Brush Complete Set:

  • Includes frame, metal hub, POM tire, brushed electric adjustment, charger, digital steering gear with metal teeth, brushed motor, tool, Dumbo X6 remote control, and independent M3 metal shell gyroscope.

Experience the thrill of drifting with the Novice Rear-Repellent Car. Choose us for professional design, high-quality materials, customizable performance, stunning aesthetics, and exceptional customer support. Upgrade to the metal version and unleash the full potential of your RC car. Get yours today and dominate the track like a pro!

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