Off Road 4x4 High Speed Monster Truck



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Introducing our Remote-Control Off-Road Car! Get ready for exhilarating adventures with its impressive features:

  • Realistic design for an authentic car control experience, allowing full-scale continuously variable speed, high-speed driving, rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversing, left and right turns.
  • Versatile use on flat surfaces, sand, mud, and grass.
  • Four-wheel drive system, vertical spring shock absorption, and double fork arm independent suspension for enhanced performance.
  • 2.4G full proportional synchronous remote-control system for precise throttle and steering control.
  • 2.4G anti-splash four-way 30A integrated electric adjustment and reception.
  • Front-wheel cross ball head universal joint drive shaft and rear-wheel split dog bone drive shaft for efficient power transfer.
  • Equipped with a 17G steering gear for smooth handling.
  • Powerful 7.4V, 18650-1500/1300mAh Li-ion battery (T plug) with a high discharge rate for extended playtime.
  • The entire car features 16 ball bearings for improved durability and performance.
  • Metal second floor, metal front and rear arm code, and metal drive shaft for increased strength.
  • The car shell is made of high-toughness explosion-proof PVC material.
  • Car shell includes LED headlights, LED roof lights, and LED tail roof lights with three-gear modes (steady on, slow blinking, fast blinking).
  • Equipped with simulation off-road tires for excellent grip.

Included Accessories:

  1. Complete vehicle
  2. Remote control
  3. Instructions in both Chinese and English
  4. Lithium battery
  5. USB balance charger
  6. Tail wing
  7. Head wheel
  8. Damping adjustment buckle
  9. Metal latch
  10. Hexagonal sleeve
  11. Brushless version guide insert

Important notes:

  1. Charging protection: Constant current, constant voltage balance charging with overcharge and overcurrent protection.
  2. Motor jam protection: Motor stops working when overloaded to prevent damage.
  3. High temperature protection: Drive control circuit stops working at high temperatures and resumes after cooling down.
  4. Power down voltage power-off function: Automatic power-off when the battery voltage drops below 6.3-6.4V to prevent over discharge.

Gear up for thrilling adventures with our Remote Control Off-Road Car! Order now and experience the excitement!

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