4WD 2.4G Crawler Rock Buggy



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Looking for an electrifying and exciting off-road vehicle? The New YK4082 1/8 V2 RTR 2.4G 4WD Electric Simulation RC Crawler Rock Buggy Off Road Vehicle Model is the perfect fit for adults who are looking for thrilling RC cars.

This off-road vehicle is packed with impressive features that will leave you wanting more. Here's why you should get your hands on one today:

  • Realistic electric simulation design
  • 1/8 scale for impressive size and power
  • 4WD for superior traction and control
  • RTR (ready-to-run) for hassle-free set up
  • 2.4G remote control system for seamless and precise control
  • Perfect gift for any adult who loves off-road vehicles and toys


  • Vehicle size: 23.6in x 11.4in x 11.4in
  • Wheelbase: 14.6in

Don't miss out on the fun and excitement of owning the New YK4082 1/8 V2 RTR 2.4G 4WD Electric Simulation RC Crawler Rock Buggy Off Road Vehicle Model. Get yours today!


On the side of the body, the original factory has interior trim, and the cockpit instrument panel, seats, and headrests have been installed.
At the rear of the car, decorative parts such as oil drum jacks are eliminated, and a more popular spare tire carrier assembly is installed, and the spare tire is also available in the same size.

The whole vehicle is pre-installed with the original lights. The whole vehicle has fog lights, headlights, dome lights and direction lights. It is very dazzling when it is turned on at night, and there is no need to modify it by yourself.

Users can remove the front face by themselves, and what can be seen is that the 7 air intake holes have been opened, and the interior is also equipped with a black mesh, which is closer to the real car structure.
The front face of the factory is assembled, and players only need to disassemble and install a few screws to open the front face.


Next, machined steel gears are used inside the gearbox, which is stronger and smoother. The whole car abandons the CVD structure universal drive shaft and adopts a ten-byte structure.
Beam, as always, aluminum alloy CNC integral molding.
The shock absorber adopts an outer spring large-capacity cylinder, which can be raised or lowered by adjusting the ring

In terms of electrical equipment, the ESC is Hobbywing 880. In order to take into account both climbing and crossing, the original factory set the drag brake value to 50%.
The motor is made of 775 black leather. This motor has been tested and adjusted by the manufacturer for many rounds. It is full of power and performs well in low torque.
The steering gear is upgraded to 25KG all-metal teeth, and the steering gear arm is also an aluminum alloy style.
The remote control reception retains the original 6-channel plus light control integration, which is economical, practical and stable, and the battery needs to be purchased separately


Bold suspension for better climbing performance