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Notice: due to the recent restrictions on toy guns and built-in battery products imposed by international freight, many express deliveries cannot be delivered, resulting in an increase in the logistics price. In order not to increase the price, our store will remove the packaging and reduce the weight and size of the goods delivered. However, if there is any damage to the goods received, we will compensate you for it.

Tactile vibrations and realistic shooting sounds keep children and adults away from their screens! Create precious memories during holidays, snow days or birthday parties with fun home laser tag tournaments! It is the gift of choice, sure to make children of all ages happy!

1,The blaster is the target. Meaning you don't need to wear a vest! Plus there are 4 different Teams to choose from!
2,Both the TEAM SETTINGS and BLAST SETTINGS are interchangeable on each blaster and can be set on the go.
3,Set Includes 2 Laser Tag Blasters (1 Blue and 1 White Blaster)
4,This is a certified child safe class 1 laser product with less than 1mW output (.0496mW).

The Premium Multiplayer Laser Tag Experience. Capable of a laser range exceeding 130 foot, and 4 completely unique team settings, players both young and old will enjoy countless hours of Laser Tag Nirvana. Switch between the 4 separate blasters in you. Each blaster has its own strengths and weaknesses in relation to damage, range, and reload time. Tap the butt of the blaster to reload, and the built-in speakers will notify you that your blaster has been reloaded. Your health is located on the side of the blaster, next to the button. Plus, your blaster is the target. Gone are the days of strapping a vest to your body. All you need to play is a group of people and this Laser Tag Set. Please Add to the end of the product description: The infrared (nonvisible) lights emitted from the toys are safe for all ages and in conformance with Code of Federal Regulations 21 cfr 1040.10 The toys have been tested by a third, party laser product safety facility and have been determined to emit less than 1mW (.0496mW) power output. The toys do not exceed Class 1 Laser Product Limits. The toys emit safe and nonvisible infrared light, much like the lights used in a garage door opener or tv remote. No eye protection is needed. This product is 100% safe for all ages.


Pistol: 12 bullets, 1 life gone if it hits.

Shotgun: 6 bullets, 2 lives gone if it hits.

Machine gun: 6 bullets, 2 lives gone if it hits.

Rocket Launcher: 1 missile, 3 lives gone if it hits.


the 1.5V"AA"non-rechargeable battery should be chosen for the toy gun

The package contains instructions. Please read them carefully before trying