M4 Automatic Soft Bullet Chain Gun

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M416 Automatic Toy M2 M249 Soft Bullet Chain Gun Toy Traumat Gun Airsoft Weapon Paintball Toy for Boy Birthday Gift Outdoor Game

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1. Manually pull the bolt, manually launch, and experience the feeling of pulling the bolt.
2. The bullet chain is for bullets, and the bullet chain will be automatically loaded after one shot, and the bullet chain will automatically rotate 360°.
3. Suspended flexible bullet components can be assembled freely to prevent unexpected needs.
4.15 meters super long-range shooting range, allowing you to easily hit distant targets.
5. It can launch without battery, no power supply.

Material: ABS
Color: white, orange
Size: total length 65cm
Loading method: bullet chain for bullets
Braking mode: manual loading and launching
Shooting distance: 15m
Product list: gun body*1, silencer*1, magazine*1, bullet accessories*1, burst bullet*24, cartridge case*24

Packing list

1*Children's manual shell ejection soft bullet gun toy