M249 Heavy Machine Gun Toy Blaster Rifle



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  • ABS material
  • Available in clip version or drum version
  • Blue and white or Ersimov color options
  • Overall length of 28.3 inches
  • 6-round magazine capacity
  • Shooting distance of 15 meters (parabola) or 10 meters (straight line)
  • One shot, one chamber with solid blow-back feeling
  • Adjustable 4x mirror for easy targeting
  • Lower feeding design for smooth loading
  • Uses soft, EVA sponge elastic bullets that won't damage furniture
  • Powerful launch power system with ultra-long range of 10-15 meters
  • Packing list includes 4x mirror, magazine, vertical grip, muffler, gun body, shells, suction cup soft ammo, and elite soft ammo

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