Gel Ball Blaster Kit: 10,000 Beads + Goggles



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Why choose our 2-in-1 gel blaster?

  • Cool: Surprise your friends by switching between pistol and rifle modes in battle!

  • Strong and Fast: More powerful firepower than your enemies, fire an average of 8 water beads per second!

  • Long-range: Up to 60-65 feet, not afraid of long-range combat!

  • Comfortable and suitable grip: Hold the weapon in your hand steady and run freely during the shooting battle game!

  • Playing for a long time: The battery lasts for 4 hours and can be recharged for reuse.

  • More gel balls: Equipped with 10,000 beads, enough ammo to satisfy you with more than 30 reloads.

  • Leaves nothing after a battle: Gel balls can evaporate, eliminating the need to pick up bullets everywhere.

  • The ideal gift: Harmless dynamic entertainment to keep kids expending all that extra energy and keeping them away from electronics!

  • To better relieve stress: Not only for children, but also for adults to provide entertainment after busy work.