Mortar Pursuit Bomb Cannon with Lights and Sounds



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Product Features: Launchable Children Toys Mortar Pursuit Bomb Large Hand-held Eating Chicken Cannon Combat Military Model Gun Outdoor Fun Sports Boy Gifts


  • Functions: Lighting and sound effects
  • Applicable Age: Over 3 years old
  • Colors: Green / Yellow
  • Remote Control Mode: Handle

Key Features:

  • Interactive Lighting and Sound Effects: Engage in immersive play with dynamic lighting and sound effects, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  • Safe for Children: Designed for children aged 3 and above, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime.

  • Vibrant Color Options: Available in lively green and yellow colors, adding visual appeal to the toy.

  • User-Friendly Remote Control: Easy-to-use handle remote control for effortless operation.

  • Launchable Mortar Pursuit Bomb: Experience excitement with a launchable mortar pursuit bomb, adding an element of action and thrill to play.

  • Large Hand-held Design: The toy features a large hand-held design, making it comfortable for children to hold and play with.

  • Eating Chicken Cannon Combat Model: Inspired by popular gaming themes, this toy brings the excitement of combat and pursuit to life, resembling the concept of "eating chicken" in gaming culture.

  • Military Model Gun: The toy replicates a military model gun, offering a realistic and engaging play experience.

  • Outdoor Fun Sports: Ideal for outdoor play, encouraging physical activity and sportsmanship among children.

  • Perfect Boy Gifts: An excellent choice for gifts, providing boys with a unique and entertaining plaything.

Elevate playtime with the Launchable Children Toys Mortar Pursuit Bomb. This hand-held toy offers exciting features, vibrant colors, and a safe design for endless outdoor fun. Perfect for gifting, it brings joy to boys aged 3 and above.