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Introducing the Carisma New RC Car: High-Performance Radio-Controlled Fun!

Key Features:

  • Brushless Power: Equipped with a high-powered 8000kv brushless motor for thrilling performance.

  • Dual Power Modes: Includes a 7.2V Nickel-metal hydride battery with the flexibility to use a 7.4V lithium battery.

  • Friction Dampers: Features low-maintenance friction dampers with slip-limiting technology for improved control.

  • High Traction Tires: Enjoy high-traction mini tires that deliver exceptional grip for all-terrain action.

  • USB Charging: Comes with a reliable 5V USB charger for convenient recharging.

  • Digital Steering Servo: The digital servo provides precise control for exceptional handling.

  • Pro Radio System: Delivers professional-grade radio-controlled car transmission for an outstanding experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Transmitter: KD PROPO CTX-2000 2.4GHz transmitter for reliable signal control.

  • Receiver/ESC Combo: MRS-24BL 2-in-1 RX/ESC unit for streamlined performance.

  • Battery: Includes a 7.2V Nickel-metal hydride battery compatible with a 7.4V lithium battery.

  • Wheelbase: Measures 4.76 inches (121 mm) for agile handling.

  • Width: Spans 3.5 inches (89 mm) for stability and control.

Get Ready for High-Octane Adventures with the Carisma New RC Car!

Discover the thrill of radio-controlled car racing with this high-performance model. With brushless power, versatile battery options, and professional features, you'll be ready for action. Order yours today and experience the excitement of RC racing!

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