Upgraded JinMing 8 M4A1



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Looking to take your gel blaster game to the next level? This Upgraded M4A1 WBB magazine feeding Gel Ball Toy gel blaster is here to provide you with an amazing gaming experience!
Here's what you can expect from this high-performance gel blaster:
  • Durable Build: Built with a sturdy metal fish bone, metal triangle aiming, metal stock, metal fire cap, and nylon hand, this gel blaster is made to last.
  • Reliable Performance: Featuring a Gen 8 nylon gearbox shell, metal gear, metal cylinder, metal nozzle, and metal rubber stud, you can expect consistent and accurate shots from this blaster.
  • Improved Power: This gel blaster has an upgraded spring and upgraded motor, delivering impressive FPS of 300+ for an electrifying gaming experience.
  • Complete Package: The gel blaster comes with a metal tube, metal outer tube, HOP UP, and milky white gel ball. Additionally, it includes an 11.1 battery and charger, so you can start playing right away.
This is everything you need to upgrade your gel blaster game with the AU STOCK Gel Blaster Upgrade M4A1 WBB magazine feeding Gel Ball Toy gel blaster. Order now and enjoy the thrill of high-performance gaming!
Product specifications:
  • Metal fish bone
  • Metal triangle aiming
  • Metal stock
  • Metal fire cap
  • Nylon hand
  • Gen 8 nylon gearbox shell
  • Metal gear
  • Metal cylinder
  • Metal nozzle
  • Metal rubber stud
  • Upgrade spring
  • Upgrade motor
  • Metal tube
  • Metal outer tube
  • HOP UP
  • 11.1 battery + charger
  • Milky white gel ball