WBB Jing Ming SCAR V2 Gel Ball Blaster

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Looking for a high-performance gel ball blaster that delivers an exciting shooting experience? The WBB Jing Ming SCAR V2 Gel Ball Blaster in its original box is the ultimate toy gun for both kids and adults.

Upgrade your blasting game with the improved features that include metal gear, metal cylinder, metal nozzle, and metal rubber stud. The upgraded spring and motor provide greater power, and the metal tube and HOP UP deliver better accuracy.

You don't have to worry about buying separate batteries and chargers, as the package comes with an 11.1 battery and charger. Plus, it comes with milky white gel balls that are perfect for your blasting adventure.

Here are some key features at a glance:

  • Metal gear, cylinder, nozzle, and rubber stud for enhanced durability
  • Upgraded spring and motor for more power
  • Metal tube and HOP UP for improved accuracy
  • Includes an 11.1 battery and charger for convenience
  • Comes with milky white gel balls for immediate use

Get ready for some blasting fun with the WBB Jing Ming SCAR V2 Gel Ball Blaster. Order now and experience the thrill of gel ball blasting like never before!