HK416c Gen 13


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Introducing our upgraded high-speed electric gel blaster, equipped with the latest features to enhance your blaster experience. Here's what you can expect with our upgraded version:

  • Metal Gear: The upgraded metal gear ensures maximum durability and reliability during gameplay.
  • Metal Cylinder: The metal cylinder enhances the overall performance of the blaster.
  • Metal Nozzle: The metal nozzle allows for precise and accurate shooting.
  • Metal Rubber Stud: The metal rubber stud provides better grip and control of the blaster.
  • Upgrade Spring: The upgrade spring ensures higher velocity and greater range.
  • Upgrade High-Speed Motor: The upgraded high-speed motor ensures faster firing and quicker response time.
  • Metal Tube: The metal tube provides maximum strength and stability for the blaster.
  • Hop Up: The hop-up system provides greater accuracy and precision when aiming.
  • 11.1 Battery + Charger: The included 11.1V battery and charger allow for longer playtime and faster charging.
  • Upgrade Standard Gel Spheres: The upgraded standard gel spheres offer better consistency and reliability.

In addition to the above features, our high-speed upgrade version includes:

  • Upgrade Metal Shh Gear: The upgraded metal shh gear ensures even faster firing and response time.
  • Upgrade High-Speed High Torque Motor: The upgraded high-speed high torque motor allows for even faster and more powerful shooting.

With our upgraded gel blaster, you'll be sure to have a competitive edge in your next battle. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your blaster today and dominate the battlefield