7.0-7.3mm Aggravating Gel Ball



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10000Pcs 7.0-7.3mm Aggravating Gel Ball White for Gel Blasting Toy Gun

1: Because the gel ball is aggravated, so your blaster's FPS must reach 225 or more, in order to play its power better, if the FPS is too low, then its effect will not be obvious
2: Because the size of this product is between 7.0-7.3MM, please use the inner tube of 7.5MM
3: Due to water quality problems, it is recommended to soak in pure water to make it more even after soaking.
4: You need to re-adjust your HOP UP, because the previous HOP UP is manufactured according to the specifications of the 7.5MM gel ball, so it is recommended to use the adjustable HOP UP to adjust to the most suitable position.