2X28RG Times Telescope



  • Elevate Your Play with the 2X28RG Times Telescope Gel Blaster Accessories

    Gear up for an enhanced gel blaster experience with the remarkable 2X28RG Times Telescope accessory. Dive into the details:

    Product Specifications:

    • Age Range: Suitable for ages 14 years & up
    • Style: A telescope accessory designed for gel blasters
    • Material: Crafted for precision with durable components
    • Type: Ideal for upgrading your toy gun
    • Compatibility: Features a 20mm Rails interface, perfectly designed for gun toys

    Key Features:

    • Upgrade in Style: Elevate your gel blaster's performance with this premium telescope accessory
    • Model Number: Identified as the 2X28RG
    • Brand Name: Trustworthy and recognized for quality
    • Description: A superior sight accessory for your gel blaster
    • Simple Installation: Easily attaches to your toy gun, enhancing accuracy and aiming capabilities

    Package Details:

    • Packaging: Arrives in an efficient and secure package

    Product Description:

    Prepare for the ultimate gel blaster adventure with the 2X28RG Times Telescope accessory. It's designed to elevate your play with precise aiming and improved performance. Whether you're a gel blaster enthusiast or looking to enhance your toy gun experience, this accessory is an absolute must-have. Upgrade your blaster and take your play to the next level!

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