2.4G RC Drift Car with Metal Body Shell



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MINI-Q8 RC Racing Car - Ultimate Performance and Functionality

Product Highlights:

  • Advanced remote control system with rich features
  • Numerous CNC parts integrated into the body for enhanced performance
  • Low center of gravity suspension design allows the front cover of the car shell to remain open, a unique MINI-Q8 feature


  • Length: 5.91 inches
  • Width: 2.36 inches
  • Height: 1.97 inches

Key Product Features:

  • New body materials ensure durability and performance
  • CNC metal bottom plate and second-floor plate for added strength
  • CNC adjustable front and rear metal wave box sliding rails
  • CNC four hardened and tempered CVD drive shafts
  • CNC metal front ball differential and adhesive rear straight
  • CNC metal adjustable pitch motor seat and metal shaft seat
  • CNC high-precision metal steering cup
  • Equipped with 14 metal ball bearings for superior performance
  • Stylish metal rims and drifting steel tires with logo
  • High-precision new steering pull rod and rear beam angle pull rod for enhanced accuracy
  • New open-mold high-precision hub and working-class drift flat tires for improved drift stability

Electronic Equipment Configuration:

  • Brushless 8A electronic governor for linear control
  • Brushless 15A electric modulation with strong explosive power
  • 28000 RPM motor for a powerful 12.4 mph
  • 6000KV high-speed brushless motor with a top speed of 24.8 mph
  • 5G digital steering gear for rapid response
  • X6 remote control with six channels and gyroscope electronic assist system

Customization and Upgrades Available:

  • Optional headlight and rear taillight control for an additional $15
  • Upgrade to metal brake disc decoration mood piece for $20
  • Metal hub style shipped randomly (specific hub available upon request)
  • Recommended upgrade package with metal differential, new hardened central steel teeth, and reinforced steel motor teeth for $30
  • Enhanced drift performance upgrade package available for $40 (retail price $60)
  • Option to upgrade to high-speed brushless power (approx. 24.8 mph) for an additional cost
  • Upgrade to metal steering gear and metal steering gear arm for $15
  • Install linkage tail throat lamp for $15
  • Enhance first-person visual experience with FPV picture transmission set and LCD screen for $75

Important Notes:

  • The metal shell of the MINI-Q8 features manual modifications, resulting in traces of handiwork.
  • Customized product made to order, no seven-day return policy applies.
  • Open and inspect the package in front of the courier to check for any damage during transit.
  • Individual parts of the shell may come off during shipping; customers can reinforce with glue if needed.
  • Car shell parts are not available for individual purchase.
  • This RC racing car is delicate and not crash-resistant; recommended for ages 14 and up.
  • RC drift driving requires practice, especially due to the small and delicate nature of the product.
  • Designed for indoor play on tile and wood floors to perform drift actions.
  • Product is not waterproof; avoid contact with water.
  • Customized products may take up to 15 days for delivery due to debugging and order volume.