WBB M249 SAW V4 65



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Introducing the WBB M249 SAW V4 Nylon version Gel Ball Blasting Water Toy Gun, the ultimate toy gun for your blasting fun! With its original box and impressive features, this toy gun will surely bring excitement to your playtime. Here are the reasons why you should get this product:

Gearbox Upgrade:

  • Metal gears for durability
  • Metal cylinder for smoother operation
  • Metal nozzle for improved accuracy
  • Metal rubber stud for better seal
  • Upgrade spring for increased power
  • Upgrade motor for better performance
  • Metal tube for added strength
  • HOP UP for enhanced shooting precision

11.1 Battery and Charger:

  • Includes an 11.1 battery and charger for convenient use

Milky White Gel Ball:

  • Comes with milky white gel ball for a realistic blasting experience

Impressive FPS:

  • Shoots at an impressive 330-350 FPS for better range and accuracy

Get your hands on this high-quality toy gun and elevate your blasting game to the next level!

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