G-Anica UAV With 2K HD Camera



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Introducing the A6 Pro Drone: Unleash Your Aerial Creativity with Stunning 2K Full HD Camera!

Product Description:

  • Camera: 2K Full HD with 90° Adjustable Electric Lens
  • Transmission: 2.4G
  • Dual Cameras: Easily switch between cameras for capturing eye-catching aerial shots from various angles.

Multiple Airplane Modes:

  • Unlock the full potential of the drone with multiple intelligent Airplane modes.
  • Track Mode: Effortlessly track a subject of interest.
  • Track Flight Mode: Explore new horizons and capture breathtaking footage.
  • Approach Flight Mode: Capture captivating photos with precision. Let your creativity soar and discover unlimited possibilities.

The Perfect Gift for Beginners and Children:

  • The A6 Pro drone offers an enjoyable flying experience and is the perfect gift for beginners and children.
  • Easy to use and fly, it fills them with excitement and joy.
  • Witness their happiness take flight as they embark on thrilling adventures!

Ultra-Long Endurance Drone:

  • Equipped with two batteries, enjoy an extended flight time of approximately 40 minutes per charge.
  • Efficient motors ensure excellent performance while consuming minimal energy.
  • Foldable design and custom protective case make it highly portable, allowing you to carry the drone anytime, anywhere.

Personalized After-Sales Service:

  • Rest assured, we provide excellent customer service tailored to your drone journey.
  • Our professional team will guide you patiently, helping you transition from a novice to an experienced pilot.
  • We fully support our products and offer an accessible return policy to ensure your satisfaction.

Foldable Drone, Perfect for Beginners:

  • If you're always looking for the ideal gift for your children or friends, this drone is a must-have!
  • Equipped with a high-definition camera, it captures stunning scenery and takes you to unexpected landscapes.
  • Experience the joy of flying with a battery life of up to 40 minutes.
  • Trust us, this drone will be a popular gift choice!

Package Contents:

  • Foldable Drone x 1
  • Protection Framework x 4
  • USB Charging Cable x 1
  • Battery
  • Remote Control x 1
  • Replacement Blades x 4

The Best Choice for Novice Drones:

  • We are committed to providing customers with a relaxed and joyful flight experience.
  • Capture beautiful scenery and share the wonders of nature with friends.
  • Don't worry if you're new to drones; our professional team offers one-on-one guidance to help you become a skilled pilot.

Orbit Airplane Mode:

  • Activate the Surround Airplane Mode and the drone will hover around the remote control. (Enable this mode in the app and slide the right handle of the remote control to fly in a circle.)

Tracking Mode:

  • Activate the Tracking Mode, and the drone will track the person holding the remote control. (Note: This mode is suitable for open areas only.)

Trajectory Mode:

  • Activate the Flight Trajectory Mode in the app, allowing the drone to fly along marked points and capture beautiful videos and photos effortlessly. No manual control needed.